Global CCS Institute Reaches Milestone of 300 Members

Global CCS Institute Reaches Milestone of 300 Members

06 April 2011

The Global CCS Institute is pleased to announce that it now has more than 300 Members, reaching a milestone that testifies to the value organisations and governments place on carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a greenhouse gas emissions curbing tool.

“This is an important milestone for us," said John Hartwell, Interim CEO of the Institute. “I am very proud to say that today the Institute’s Membership - ranging across governments, corporations, research institutions and non-profit groups - represents more than 80 per cent of the world's CO2 emissions from energy and industrial sources.”

He added: “Our diverse Membership is a unique feature of our organisation, allowing us to work collaboratively to accelerate the deployment of commercial CCS and ensure that the technology plays a role in responding to the world’s need for a low carbon energy future.”

Institute Members can help shape the organisation’s strategic direction through participation in meetings, working groups and sharing knowledge, information and expertise that can facilitate the commercial deployment of CCS.

Industry comprises 47 per cent of the Institute's Membership; governments and research or academic institutions are 13 per cent each; the rest are consultancies, non-profit organisations and financial institutions.

By region, some 37 per cent are from Europe; 23 per cent from Australasia; 22 per cent from the Americas; 16 per cent from Asia; and 1 per cent each from the Middle East and Africa.

Chonghun Han, Chairman of the steering committee of the Korea CCS Association (KCCSA), one of the Institute's latest Members, said: "The KCCSA is committed to supporting the development of CCS as one of the most economical and safe means of reducing CO2 emissions, in Korea and internationally. We are very pleased to become a Member of the Institute and look forward to working with the organisation and its Members on collaborating with the world around the deployment of CCS."

Paul Zakkour, Director of London-based consultancy Carbon Counts, another new Member, seconded the sentiment: “Carbon Counts is delighted to become a new Member of the Institute, and is looking forward to accessing and contributing to the large pool of expertise and knowledge present amongst the Institute and its Members.”

Dr. Stephen Brown, Director at CO2Sense, also expressed his company’s delight to become a Member. He said: “Our region of Yorkshire and the Humber emits more industrial CO2 than any other in the UK, consequently we understand the need to invest in CCS to reduce our emissions. We recognise the need to share the learning across the globe during the commercial demonstration phase of CCS to accelerate development and deployment. We look forward to contributing to the work of the Institute where the commitment to spread information and research will enable developers, policy makers and regulators to make informed decisions and realise the benefits of early investment in CCS.”