02 October 2010
United Arab Emirates
Middle East

CO2 injection has been identified as one of the most promising EOR methods worldwide. As some of the Middle Eastern fields start maturing alternative IOR/EOR methods, that should to be screened for economical and environmental reasons.

A number of NOCS in the Gulf region have announced ambitious EOR piloting involving CO2 injection in their oil fields. The technology is being driven by both a practical desire to improve recovery in existing fields and a desire to sequester significant volumes of produced CO2.

29 September 2010

The Global Clean Energy Forum is convened by the International Herald Tribune, one of the world's most respected and influential media brands, together with Portugal's leading business daily, Diario Económico.

Since 2007, the IHT has set the agenda in writing on energy and the environment with the insightful reporting and analysis of its award-winning Business of Green series.

Why attend?

28 September 2010
United States

The ACI CCS Summit aims to address those hurdles, by bringing together both capture and storage stakeholders to develop a greater understanding of current and future needs and an integrated approach for advancing CCS commercialization.

10 August 2010
United Kingdom

For all those companies and operators interested in the development of renewable energies, emission trading and environmental sustainability, and will shine its spotlights on wind energy, photovoltaic, thermal and concentrating solar energy and energy efficiency. Focus will also be on smart grids, green energy, Enerjob (work in the renewable sector) and research and development.