CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年6月7日版(3)

CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年6月7日版(3)




原典:Carbon Capture Journal



スイス・チューリッヒでの年次CO2除去サミット(Carbon Removal Summit)において、Climeworks社は同社の第3世代直接空気回収(Generation 3 DAC)技術を紹介した。この技術は、モジュール当たりのCO2回収能力を倍増し、エネルギー消費量を半減し、材料の寿命を延長し、費用を50%削減する。







Climeworks introduces next generation DAC system


Published: 05 June 2024

Source: Carbon Capture Journal


Climeworks said it is future-proofing its technology for scaling globally to gigaton carbon removals by using the latest research and development findings in its filter materials and plant design.

At its annual Carbon Removal Summit in Zurich, Climeworks has showcased its Generation 3 direct air capture (DAC) technology: doubling CO2 capture capacity per module, halving energy consumption, increasing material lifetime, and cutting costs by 50 percent.

The Generation 3 technology uses novel structured sorbent materials replacing the packed filter beds used in previous technology generations. The new structures increase surface contact with CO2, reducing the time to capture and release CO2 by a factor of at least two, thus capturing more than twice as much CO2 as previous filters. The new filter materials consume half the energy and are designed to last three times longer than prior materials.

Climeworks said its Generation 3 technology represents a major milestone in its cost reduction strategy, which aims to achieve costs of 250-350 USD per ton captured and total costs of 400-600 USD per ton net removal by 2030. This represents an overall cost reduction of up to 50 percent compared to today.