CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年11月30日版(3)

CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年11月30日版(3)

Climeworks社とDeep Sky社、北米でCO2除去を拡大



原典:Carbon Capture Journal


 覚書(MoU)の下、Deep Sky社は、カナダに自社の実証済み技術を普及させるため、Climeworks社と協力する。同国は、恒久的で安全なCO2の地中貯留だけでなく、水力及び風力を含む豊富な再生可能エネルギーの可能性を持つため、両社はそれら双方を探ることになる。




Climeworks & Deep Sky to expand carbon removal in North America


Published: 25 November 2023

Source: Carbon Capture Journal

The companies will explore the development of large-scale direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) projects in Canada, with a pathway to remove up to one million tons of CO2 from the air.

Under the MoU Deep Sky will work with Climeworks to deploy its proven technology in Canada, which offers the potential for an abundance of renewable energy, including hydro and wind power, as well as permanent and safe geologic storage of CO2, both of which will be explored by the two parties.