CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年12月8日版(1)

CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年12月8日版(1)




原典:Carbon Capture Journal


オランダの直接空気回収(Direct Air Capture)企業であるCarbyon社は、独自の高速スイング・プロセスにより、1トンあたり2,500kWh未満の電力でCO2を回収できることを実証することに成功した。







Carbyon develops ultra-fast carbon capture process


Published: 2 December 2023

Source: Carbon Capture Journal


Dutch Direct Air Capture company Carbyon has successfully proven that their unique fast-swing process is able to capture CO2 using less than 2,500 kWh/ton.

Carbyon was the world’s first to drastically reduce the CAPEX costs of DAC equipment using their fast-swing process. The company has now found the missing piece to also sufficiently lower the energy consumption, making this breakthrough a giant leap towards a cost-effective DAC technology below $100/ton.

In its pursuit for a low-cost DAC solution, Carbyon invented an ultra-fast CO2 capturing material. Where conventional materials need hours to capture CO2 from air, Carbyon’s can do the same in only a few minutes.