CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年6月21日版(1)

CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年6月21日版(1)

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Aker Carbon Capture社及びØrsted社、2億ユーロ超となるJust Catchユニット5基及び設備の納品契約を締結



原典:PR Newswire

Aker Carbon Capture社は、合計契約金額2億ユーロ以上と見積もられる、Just Catchユニット5基、液化システム等の追加設備、並びに一時的なCO2貯留及び荷積み/荷降ろし施設を納品する。




Aker Carbon Capture and Ørsted sign contract for delivery of five Just Catch units and equipment of over EUR 200 million


Published:15 June 2023

Source: PR Newswire

Aker Carbon Capture will deliver five Just Catch units, additional equipment such as liquefaction systems, and temporary CO2 storage and on-/offloading facilities with an expected total contract value above EUR 200 million.

The carbon capture facilities will be delivered to Ørsted’s wood chip-fired Asnæs Power Station and the Avedøre Power Station’s straw-fired boiler, where today’s signing ceremony took place. Combined, these facilities will have an installed design capture capacity of 500,000 tonnes CO2 per year.