CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年7月13日版

CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年7月13日版

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ダーウィンで実施されるバユ・ウンダンCCSは、比較的低費用炭素ソリューションとなる予定で、費用は豪州政府が提案している豪州炭素クレジット(Australian Carbon Credit Units)の価格キャップ内に十分収まると見込まれている。



Santos further develops offshore carbon capture and storage project with four MoU signings


Published: 6 July 2023

Source: Indian Oil and Gas News


Santos today signed four Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) for the proposed storage of CO2 emissions from third parties to underpin the initial development of the Bayu-Undan CCS project, where front end engineering design work is nearing completion.

The four non-binding MOUs for CO2 supply to Bayu-Undan CCS have been executed with potential upstream gas and LNG projects offshore the Northern Territory and in Darwin, and an energy and industrial conglomerate in Korea.

The MOUs indicate demand for CO2 storage at Bayu-Undan CCS could be in excess of 10 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa).

Bayu-Undan CCS ex-Darwin will be a relatively low-cost carbon solution, with costs expected to be well within the Australian Government’s proposed price cap on Australian Carbon Credit Units.