CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年7月7日版(2)

CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年7月7日版(2)

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deepC Store社、CO2供給に関する詳細を豪州政府に提出



原典:Carbon Capture Journal


deepC Store社(dCS社)は、ロンドン議定書(London Protocol)に沿った貯留向けCO2流の評価のための国家「行動基準表(Action List)」のレビューを支援するため、同社の浮遊式CCSハブ・プロジェクトであるCStore1CO2供給に関する詳細を豪州政府に提出した。





deepC Store submits its CO2 supply specification to the Australian Government


Published: 3 July 2023

Source: Carbon Capture Journal


The company has submitted the CO2 supply specification for CStore1, dCS’s floating CCS hub project, to the Australian Government to assist its review of the national “Action List” for the assessment of CO2 streams for sequestration as per the London Protocol.


The London Protocol obligates each Contracting Party to develop a national Action List to provide a mechanism for screening candidate wastes and their constituents on the basis of their potential effects on human health and the marine environment (noting the need of “the CO2 stream is of high purity, containing only incidental amounts of associated substances”).