CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年9月15日版(2)

CCS in the news 日本語版 2023年9月15日版(2)




原典:Energy Monitor Worldwide

Membrane Technology and Research(MTR)社CO2回収部門(MTR Carbon Capture)が、Basin Electric Power Cooperatives社Dry Fork石炭火力発電所からCO2を回収するパイロット・プロジェクトの建設を開始した。

MTR Carbon Captureは、米国ワイオミング州ジレット(Gillette)にあるDry Fork発電所のワイオミング州統合試験センター(Integrated Test Center:ITC)から操業を行う。





Membrane-based CO2 capture pilot now under construction at Wyoming coal plant


Published: 08 September 2023

Source: Energy Monitor Worldwide

Membrane Technology and Research (MTR) Carbon Capture has begun construction of a pilot project to capture CO2 from Basin Electric Power Cooperatives Dry Fork coal-fired power plant.

MTR Carbon Capture will operate out of the Wyoming Integrated Test Center (ITC), at the Dry Fork plant in Gillette, Wyoming.

The company says its capture process uses no chemicals, requires little water and is driven entirely by electricity, making its approach to carbon capture cleaner than conventional solvent-based carbon capture methods.