CCS in the news 日本語版 2024年1月10日版(2)

CCS in the news 日本語版 2024年1月10日版(2)

ExxonMobil社、FuelCell Energy社と共にCO2回収プラントを建設



原典:Energy Monitor Worldwide

ExxonMobil社の関連会社であるEsso Nederland BV社は、同社のロッテルダム製造コンプレックス(Rotterdam Manufacturing Complex)にCCSパイロット・プラントの建設を計画している。このプラントは、FuelCell Energy社と共同で開発され、CO2排出量を削減するだけでなく、炭酸塩型燃料電池技術の性能と操作性に関するデータ取得も目的としている。






ExxonMobil Building Carbon Capture Plant with FuelCell Energy


Published: 21 December 2023

Source: Energy Monitor Worldwide

ExxonMobils affiliate Esso Nederland BV is planning to build a CCS pilot plant at its Rotterdam Manufacturing Complex. The plant, developed jointly with FuelCell Energy, will not only reduce carbon emissions but also aim to obtain data on the performance and operability of carbonate fuel cell technology.

The pilot will also look at any potential technical issues that could occur in a commercial environment, as well as understand the costs of installing and operating a carbonate fuel cell (CFC) plant for carbon capture. CFC technology also provides additional revenue streams that could further reduce costs.