CCS in the news 日本語版 2024年2月2日版(5)

CCS in the news 日本語版 2024年2月2日版(5)

カナダ・エドモントン(Edmonton)市とVarme Energy社によるCCSと組み合わせた廃棄物発電



原典:Carbon Capture Journal








City of Edmonton and Varme Energy waste to energy with CCS


Published: 30 January 2024

Source: Carbon Capture Journal


The agreement will enable green electricity and industrial heat generation while diverting approximately 150,000 tonnes of residential garbage from landfill per year beginning as early as 2027.

As part of the agreement, Varme will construct a privately funded and operated waste-to-energy facility located in Alberta’s capital region with integrated CCS.

It is expected to integrate CCS, capturing about 90 per cent of the carbon dioxide emissions and preventing the release of thousands of tonnes of methane currently emitted from landfill waste into the atmosphere.