CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年5月24日版(1)

CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年5月24日版(1)




原典:Carbon Capture Journal


Bureau Veritas社(BV)は、海運市場内における現行のCCS技術の技術的実現可能性を評価する報告書を発表し、船舶輸送の重要な役割を強調した。


「Onboard Carbon Capture: An Overview of Technologies to Capture CO2 Onboard Ships(船上CO2回収:船上でのCO2回収技術の概要)」と題された技術報告書は、幅広い新興CCS技術の現状を詳述している。同書は、船上にCCS技術を搭載する技術的及び商業的実現可能性を研究し、達成可能な回収率を82~90%とする主要な実現可能性調査の結果を取り上げた。





BV report: potential for CCS to enable carbon value chains


Published: 20 May 2024

Source: Carbon Capture Journal


Bureau Veritas (BV) has released a report which assesses the technical viability of current CCS technology within the marine market and highlights the vital role of shipping.


The technology report, titled “Onboard Carbon Capture: An Overview of Technologies to Capture CO2 Onboard Ships”, details the current state of play regarding a wide range of emerging CCS technologies. The paper explores the technical and commercial viability of implementing CCS technology onboard vessels, highlighting the results from key feasibility studies that showed achievable capture rates between 82% and 90%.


The report also details the challenges to the wider adoption and integration of CCS technologies, such as regulatory frameworks that are yet to be consolidated at a global level, as well as from an operational perspective.