CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年5月28日版(1)

CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年5月28日版(1)




原典:Chemical Plants & Prozesses


Sulzer Chemtech社の大量搬送設備が、日本最大級の大規模CO2回収プラントの中核に据えられる。山口県を拠点とする同施設は、Sulzer社の処理に関する専門知識と特殊な大量搬送技術を活用して、主要な化学メーカーの脱炭素化を支援する。




Sulzer equipment used in Japan carbon-capture project


Published: 23 May 2024

Source: Chemical Plants & Prozesses


Mass-transfer equipment from Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. will be at the core of a large-scale carbon capture plant in Japan – one of the county’s largest. Based in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the facility will support the decarbonization of a leading chemical manufacturer by leveraging Sulzer’s process expertise and specialized mass-transfer technologies.

Column internals and packing for the entire commercial-scale carbon capture process will be supplied by Sulzer, a global leader in separation and mixing technology. The package includes the direct-contact cooler, absorber and regenerator columns, the largest internal diameter of which measures 2.8 m.