CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年6月7日版(4)

CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年6月7日版(4)




原典:MSN Philippines





このOCCSシステムは、海洋環境保護設備の分野における典型的な成功例であると、このシステムの開発会社であり、中国船舶集団有限公司の子会社である上海斉耀環保科技(Shanghai QiYao Environmental Technology:QiYao Environ Tec)のシニア・エンジニア、Li Ke氏は述べた。

「これは、中国の造船業界にとって誇りの源である」とLi氏はGlobal Times紙に語った。




China develops OCCS system


Published: 05 June 2024

Source: MSN Philippines


A 20-FOOT container-shaped storage tank is placed at a dock on Shanghai’s Changxing Island near the Yangtze River.

What makes this seemingly ordinary tank special is that it contains liquid carbon dioxide. It is the world’s first tank of carbon dioxide that was captured from emissions of an ocean-going vessel, having been liquefied and stored onboard.

Behind this innovative tank of liquid carbon dioxide is the world’s first-ever full-process onboard carbon capture and storage (OCCS) system, which was developed and manufactured by Chinese enterprises.

The OCCS system is a typical successful case in the field of maritime environmental protection equipment, said Li Ke, a senior engineer with the system’s developer, Shanghai QiYao Environmental Technology (QiYao Environ Tec), a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corp.

“It’s a source of pride for China’s shipbuilding industry,” Li told the Global Times.