CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年7月5日版(3)

CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年7月5日版(3)




原典:Carbon Capture Journal




ベラは、大気中から直接ないし大型産業排出源から、またはその双方からCO2を回収し、輸送(必要な場合)及び地下への安全な恒久的貯留を行う活動のため、検証済み炭素基準(Verified Carbon Standards:VCS)方法論VM0049 CCSを発表した。






Verra releases new carbon capture and storage methodology.


Published: 29 June 2024

Source: Carbon Capture Journal


The methodology is a globally applicable framework for technology-based CCS activities that generate carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) and emission reductions.


Verra has released Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Methodology VM0049 CCS for activities that capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and/or from high-emitting industrial sources, followed by transportation (where required) and by permanent safe storage underground.


VM0049 outlines the overarching requirements for CCS projects. Projects will select from a set of modules for different CO2 capture, transport, and storage activities to quantify the CDRs and emission reductions they generate. These modules can be combined to suit a project’s specific design or its technological needs. This modular format is adaptive to project expansions, the development of shared infrastructure, and future innovations.