CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年6月24日版(2)

CCS in the News 日本語版 2024年6月24日版(2)




原典:The Australian




バロッサ・プロジェクトは、Santos社の供給量をタイムリーに増加させるが、このガスは他の地域のものよりもCO2レベルが高いため、セーフガード・メカニズム(Safeguard Mechanism)の導入後、Santos社が直面しているタスクを複雑にしている。

しかし、Santos社執行副社長のMichael Abbott氏は豪州元老院の公聴会において、Santos社は操業開始から数年間分の豪州炭素クレジット(Australian Carbon Credit Units:ACCUs)として知られる炭素クレジットの取得を完了していると述べた。

The Australian紙は、同社が250万件の2023~2027年引き渡し契約を獲得したと理解している。Abbott氏は、これらの契約によってSantos社はセーフガード・メカニズムに準拠しながら、ティモール海の施設からCCSの計画を立てることができると述べた。



Santos locks in carbon credits for $5.7bn project


Published: 18 June 2024

Source: The Australian


Santos has acquired enough carbon credits for its soon-to-be ready new $5.7bn Barossa LNG development to meet tough new emission reduction targets, a senior executive has revealed, though the company’s chief executive has warned future supplies of the instruments clouds the industry.

The acquisition underscores the near readiness of what will be Australia’s first LNG facility in more than five years, a development Santos believes will propel growth in its share prices but which has ignited a wave of opposition from environmentalists.

While the Barossa project will provide a timely boost to Santos’s supplies, the gas has higher levels of carbon dioxide than other regions, complicating the task facing Santos following the introduction of the Safeguard Mechanism.

But Michael Abbott, executive vice president for Santos, told a senate hearing that Santos has completed the acquisition for carbon credits, known as Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) for the first few years of operations.

The Australian understands the company has acquired 2.5 million contracts for delivery between 2023 and 2027. The contracts, Mr Abbott said, would allow Santos to comply with the safeguard mechanism and develop plans for CCS from the facility in the Timor Sea.