Opportunities in CCS: Finding Government Funding and Business Partners



Opportunities in CCS: Finding Government Funding and Business Partners

23rd March 2021

開始時間:日本時間 3月23日(火)22:00~

09:00 Washington DC, 14:00 London, 15:00 Brussels


2021 could well be The Year of CCS. The growth in CCS projects is being driven by many factors: an increasing realization of the dangers of climate change, an acknowledgement of the important role CCS plays in net-zero scenarios, decarbonization commitments from governments and business, and increased financial investment from both.

Increased CCS investment by governments, including funding of technology development, means increased opportunities for business. But how does a business access this funding? How does one know where to look, and how can a company position itself for success? And how do CO2 emitters and CCS technology and service providers find each other.

In this webinar, we will look at how financial support from federal governments is driving both CCS technology advancements and the financing of demonstration projects. In the US, the recently passed Energy Act of 2020 brings the potential of substantially more US Department of Energy funding opportunities for carbon capture. The government of the Netherlands has already begun the process of funding a new round of CCS projects in that country. This webinar will provide insights into navigating transatlantic government funding opportunities and identify the priorities for funding across various sectors.


1. Program Government Funding Panel”

開催時間:日本時間3月23日(火)22:00~23:00 (EST東部時間:9:00 am ~ 10:00 am)


  • Drew Leyburne, Assistant Deputy Minister – Energy Technology Sector, Government of Canada
  • Elske Veenstra, Senior Policy Officer at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Government of The Netherlands
  • Representatives from the US Department of Energy*
  • Moderated by Patricia Loria, Senior Client Engagement Lead, Global CCS Institute
  • *additional speakers may be announced





2. Program  “Carbon Dating Event”

開催時間:日本時間3月23日(火)午後23:15~3月24日(水)午前1:30 (EST東部時間:10:15 am to 12:30 pm EST)


Following the webinar is an opportunity for sources of CO2 - also known as emitters - to meet with CCS technology providers and project developments.  We are calling it "carbon dating". To sign-up for a 10-minute introduction, emitters should identify their preferences on the attached PDF (in the blue button below) and send them to Patricia Loria (patricia.loria@globalccsinstitute.com). Date Cards will be sent out on March 19th to all companies participating.



Carbon Dating Participants(Program2の参加企業)

  • Air Liquide
  • Air Products
  • Baker Hughes
  • Calix
  • Carbfix
  • Cemvita Factory
  • General Electric
  • Kiewit
  • Linde
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Saipem Sick
  • Technip Energies
  • Técnicas Reunidas


Opportunities in CCS: Finding Government Funding and Business Partners