Australia’s CarbonNet CCS Project reaches another milestone

30th January 2020

The CarbonNet Project, in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, continues to make significant progress.In late January the Noble Tom Prosser drilling rig completed operations on the Project's offshore appraisal well at the prospective CO 2  storage site and demobilised to its next operation.

An extensive dataset was successfully recovered during the operation, including geological formation rock and fluid samples and high-quality wireline formation logs.Over the next 6-12 months the rock samples (cores and rock chips) will be analyzed in laboratories to confirm their detailed. composition and physical properties including porosity and permeability (read our  CO 2  Storage Fact Sheet ).

Along with the data acquired from the 2018 marine seismic survey, the well data will be used to model and assess the suitability of the site for long-term storage of CO 2 .

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